My 1st day as an escorts in the city of Mumbai

I was really nervous feeling uneasy and very much afraid as it was my first time I have visited the hotel and when I was about to enter  inside the room I knocked the door and in reply the gentlemen from inside said wait a moment just coming I was feeling like I should run away from there and before I can do anything the door opened and the person said hello I found a person who appeared to be fit sportsmen almost 6 feet tall and well maintained body  with white t shirt and jeans with sports shoes

He invited me inside the room I had visited was really beautiful extremely expensive luxurious he told me to sit on the sofa chair and feel comfortable he offered me a glass of water and asked what would I like to have tea or juice I said thanks he told me to be relaxed you are in safe hand but as it was my first time I was really sacred he handed me an envelope and said here is the payment that had been decided till now everything was great I went to the bathroom to get fresh and while I was there I counted the payment too.

When I went back to the room he was standing with two glasses in hand of whisky he asked me to have it I was bit nervous he came near me and make me comfortable and asked in very polite way that what happen I told him it my first time I have been meeting someone like this really very hard for me he said wow I am very lucky to find mumbai escorts girls model like you in Mumbai city normally at very young age I got married and as the time passes I had to travel a lot for the business and my wife was always giving complaints that I don’t spent time with my family  and my busy work style make us separate from each other

The gentlemen and me finished our glasses of whisky and now we were really comfortable as we were talking to each other and discussing so many things mean time he stared kissing me I was also feeling good I responded in same way and after few minutes we both got physically attracted to each other and even I was enjoying the way he was loving me and touching my body it was the first time In my life when I got this type of feeling as I was not having any affair with anybody not even a single boy friend I have he told me the styles of having pleasure and way you can make people crazy by your services he showed me many videos over the net about the services and love making art I was feeling shy and meantime enjoying also after the encounter I was feeling bit hungry and even he was feeling low of energy and need good food he said I am bore of hotel food you  know some real good place where we can have really tasty food and drinks I said sure I will be your companion than we went to the restaurant and had food there he was so happy with me that I told me that whenever I will be visiting Mumbai and need an escorts he would call me only

Now when I had been to this escorts world I got so many experiences in life but really I cannot forget my first one as it was really something I was in need at that time and even I was new and afraid that what will happen now I use to give advice to Mumbai female girls who want to been an escorts that how to start and what things you should follow and how  to take care of yourself and the clients you visit to meet I how this story would be useful to all escorts who are working in Mumbai I am you friend Divyamalik.

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